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Screen Repair Order

You are entering a new Screen Repair Order.  Please complete the information below and press SUBMIT.  If possible please print the Order Acknowledgement Page and include it when you ship the computer to us.

If you are not sure of the year and type of computer you are sending you can enter as much of the serial number as you would like below, as long as you include the last 4 characters.


1.  Please check the box under the type of computer you are sending:

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MacBook Pro

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MacBook Air

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2.  Please choose the year and size of the computer you are sending:   


3. Please enter a reference for this order (to help you identify this order):

4.  Repair Type:


5.  Please add any other information you would like to include:

6.  Please enter the tracking number of your package to us:

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6.  Please enter your email address for notifications:

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Please check the box below to acknowledge the following terms and conditions:

a.  There may be issues with the computer that will not become evident until the screen is repaired.  Rusty's Computer Emporium will not be responsible for the condition of the computer or with any issues that may arise with the computer.

b.  For replacement screens, rather than replacing just the LCD (digitizer), we replace the entire screen assembly.  The condition of the new screen assembly may be new, unused or used in A or B condition, depending on what is available.  Screen glass is always new.

c.  For the return shipping, Rusty's Computer Emporium will provide insurance in the amount of $100 or the average value of the particular model we are shipping, whichever is less.  Additional insurance beyond the average value for your year and model can be purchased for the return shipment.  The average value is shown below.  If additional insurance is available it will also be shown below and you may purchase it by selecting the amount.  We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage amount over the insured value.

Average value of the computer selected above:  Unknown