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Liquid Damage Recovery

We've seen many different liquids floating around the inside of Apple computers.  In fact, we've seen it all -- soda, milk, coffee, water, lemonade, industrial chemicals.  You name it.

The reason liquids can be so destructive to the inside of your Apple product is corrosion.  Bad luck means that the liquid has flowed to a critical area and caused corrosion, which, at the very least, clogs a small circuit or trace on the board, stopping the flow of electricity.  Worst case scenario the corrosion causes a component to fail.

The most common damage is to keyboards and trackpads.  As long as connectors to the logic board are not damaged these components can be replaced and will perform as good as new.  Sometimes it's not that simple.  We have seen LCD monitor connectors damaged, Wifi components ruined, and speakers permanently damaged.  It truly is pure luck.

Our secret weapon is the ultrasonic cleaner.

The ultrasonic cleaner uses cavitation to reach corrosion and damage you may not even see.  Success rates are in the 80 - 90% range usually.

The cost for the initial diagnostic service is $59, which includes Priority Mail return shipping.

Once we perform the diagnostics we can estimate the cost to restore the computer, which could entain anything from a simple hand cleaning to complex logic board repair.